Friday, May 26, 2017

The Woodsman -Paint Party Friday

In High School he was my long-suffering best buddy, who put up with a LOT from me.  These days he is a hardworking fellow who finds lots of time for travel and rugged outdoor activities.  I recently found a picture of him and loved it, so decided to draw his likeness.

Above you see the photo I used as a reference.  I really like this picture.

NOTE:  It is October now.  In August, dear Eric was in a terrible accident.  He was on his motorcycle, heading into Idaho to meet friends to watch the solar eclipse, when he was hit head on by a truck.  His friend escaped, but he did not.   He broke both legs, an arm and there were other terrible injuries to his hand and body.  

He is in rehab now, getting better and better.  He was able to stand by himself and walk a short ways just a few weeks ago.  Soon he will be able to go home.  I would appreciate your prayers for him. 

Have a lovely weekend, sweet Friends and Happy Paint Party Friday!

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